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Bamboo Spark Now Supports Handwriting to Text Conversion

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The 6 best styluses for note-taking on the iPad

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The Apple Pencil uses state of the art technology which allows the ultimate handwriting experience with note-taking apps like our app GoodNotes 4.

For a long time, the Apple Pencil was only supported with Apple’s iPad Pro models but sincethe new cheaper iPad Model also supports the Pencil.

Bamboo Spark‘s most requested app feature is now available to skayra.coming today, Bamboo Spark supports handwriting to text conversion, giving users the ability to write on paper, save their work to the cloud, and then convert their handwriting into convenient standard text files.

One of the best handwriting apps for iPad, Paper was designed for working with the FiftyThree’s Pencilin the first place. However, its life extended quite a lot.

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Best handwriting app for ipad bamboo
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