Biography maria montessori

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Maria Montessori

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Biography of Dr. Maria Montessori

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Biography of Dr. Maria Montessori

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Maria Montessori was born on August 31,in the provincial town of Chiaravalle, Italy, to middle-class, well-educated parents.

At the time that Montessori was growing up, Italy held Born: Aug 31, Montessori is an innovative, child-centered approach to education, developed a century ago by a woman ahead of her time. Working with institutionalized and inner-city youngsters, Dr.

Maria Montessori was struck by how avidly the children absorbed knowledge from their surroundings. The Montessori Method of education, developed by Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to skayra.comsori's method has been used for over years in many parts of the world.

The Montessori method views the child as one who is naturally eager for. Biography of Dr. Maria Montessori Maria Montessori was born on the 31st August in the town of Chiaravalle, Italy. Her father, Alessandro, was an accountant in the civil service, and her mother, Renilde Stoppani, was well educated and had a passion for reading.

Maria Montessori: A Biography (Radcliffe Biography Series) [Rita Kramer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maria Montessori (–) brought about a revolution in the classroom. She developed a method of teaching small children and inspired a movement that carried that method into every corner of the world.

In her rich and forthright biography.

Biography maria montessori
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