High school and best possible education

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High School Science Fair Projects

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Pebblebrook High School

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Congrats students and Mrs. Blackburn. Treble Choir: Shay Black, Lindsey DeWidt, Vanessa Hudman, Kaziah. GHS named 3rd best traditional high school in Michigan. Grayling High School earned an "A" grade and was rated the 3rd best traditional high school in Michigan in -- behind Okemos (10th) and Bloomingdale (11th) -- and placing it in the 98th percentile among state schools.

Delta Sophomore Receives Washington History Day Award! May Delta Sophomore Bailey Peite was awarded with the State Archives Award for Outstanding Use of the Collections of the Regional and Local Archives for her Individual Documentary, Embracing Diversity Through Compromise: Saving Indian Culture: The Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of Hyde School Founder Joseph Gauld received this prestigious award at the National Forum on Character Education before an audience that included educators and community leaders from 45 states and 20 countries.

Gati Aher is a senior at Burlington High School. She has been part of the National Honors Society since sophomore year and has gotten High Honors or Honor Roll every term. In fact, I believe that middle school can actually be the best years to homeschool!

Trust me. I’ve seen my two girls go from hating school to loving it after we ditched most of our textbooks and moved back to eclectic hands-on, project-based lesson plans.

High school and best possible education
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The Delta High School