Spaced vs massed

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Spaced learning

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Distributed practice

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Spaced learning

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massed training Many business and academic institutions use massed training which tries to cram training into one or two sessions.

Massed training is a far less effective strategy for retaining knowledge or developing skills. Massed practice is the learning pattern where information that has been learned is reviewed over large chunks of time that are spaced very far apart.

It is most often equated to the concept of. Spaced vs Massed Essay Sample. Spaced learning is learning or studying information in intervals in time, such as studying for half an hour, going to eat, studying again for half an hour, cut the grass, study again for half an hour.

Spaced retrieval practice- trying to recover long-term memories quickly and accurately- is the subject of a different line of research but also shows that spaced practice (for example, taking a practice test every month) is more effective that massed practice.

Research Question 1 addresses the immediate impact of spaced vs. massed distribution instruction. Research Question 2 addresses the slightly longer-term effects of spaced distribution instruction in comparison with massed distribution instruction, as examined by a comparison of pre- and delayed post-tests, and will give a better idea of how.

Massed practice is the learning pattern where information that has been learned is reviewed over large chunks of time that are spaced very far apart. It is most often equated to the concept of.

Spaced vs massed
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