Squeeze page with thesis theme

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Make a Sales Squeeze or Landing Page

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Squeeze Page With Thesis Theme – 374984

Fifteenth idea to you have in this sentence. Plugins for the Thesis Theme + Resources Articles. Free Resources; Blog; Learning Center ≡ Quick Browse Menu. Sometimes people call this a squeeze page but a squeeze page is generally a more specific kind of landing page.

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They call it a squeeze page because they squeeze the email address out of you. How to Create a Landing Page in.

17 Best Thesis Skins for WordPress

A member asked how he can build a simple video squeeze page out in Thesis. What he wants is a page with no header or footer. He does want to retain the content and the sidebar. In the sidebar he’ll put an opt-in form and in the content he’ll embed a video. The following code for a landing page without header, original sidebars and footer and with new sidebars added goes in skayra.com This co.

From here, we just need to create a function to house our squeeze page content, and then we need to use Thesis hooks to place that content in our custom template for the squeeze page. Note: the Thesis custom template can house multiple templates for multiple pages and/or groups of pages.

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Or if you prefer, you can convert any other squeeze page into a template it’s very simple! Easy IntegrationWorks with any theme Whether it’s Optimize Press, Thesis, or any other theme WP Squeeze Pro integrates with them all seamlessly!

Squeeze page with thesis theme
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