Trends in hotel development

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HVS Report - Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Hotel Development Cost Trends

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8 trends sparking the hospitality sector

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An emerging trend that architects are seeing taking shape in hotel development is the conversion of older office buildings into hotels.

Office space locations and needs are rapidly changing as. is on the horizon, so it’s time to take a look at the biggest trends hotel designers will need to keep in mind for the new year. Hospitality is constantly adapting. Performance 11 October GCC Hotel Development Cost Trends.

Analyzing historical trends, the key reason behind escalating costs per key continues to be low in efficiency and utilization of space. Hotel News Resource is a source and distribution point for the latest Hotel Industry Development News.

Latest Hotel Development Trends. Hotel Development Cost Source: HVS Research With the exception of Budget & Midscale Hotels which focus on efficient & flexible design, development cost per key for all other hotel classes have increased between 10%% sinceresulting in lower project returns.

The HVS Middle East Hotel Development Cost Trends answers the industry's need for a comprehensive regional benchmark report that focuses solely on hotel development costs.

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Trends in hotel development
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