Urban morphology

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The Handbook of Urban Morphology

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[Online Image] Retrieved on. Vítor Oliveira is Professor of Urban Morphology and Urban Planning at Lusofona University of Porto, Portugal, and Senior Researcher at the Research Centre for Territory Transports and Environment at University of Porto, Portugal. He is an architect and has a MSc in Planning and Design of the Built Environment and a PhD in Planning and Civil.

Morphology, from the Greek and meaning "study of shape", may refer to. Disciplines. Morphology (archaeology), study of the shapes or forms of artifacts Morphology (astronomy), study of the shape of astronomical objects such as nebulae, galaxies, or other extended objects Morphology (biology), the study of the form or shape of an organism or part thereof.

ISUF is the international organization of urban form for researchers and practitioners. ISUF organizes conferences, publishes the journal Urban Morphology and provides an international framework for communication between members. The Urban Morphology Institute designs guidelines and strategies to assist United Nations in meeting their targets in the field of sustainable urban development.

It is specialized in integrated strategies deriving the maximum co-benefits from spatial planning. Urban Morphology: An Introduction to the Study of the Physical Form of Cities (The Urban Book Series) [Vítor Oliveira] on skayra.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This is a book about cities or, more precisely, about the physical form of cities.5/5(1).

Urban morphology
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