Why subway is not popular in

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Stuck for what to choose and just want to know what the most popular sandwich is? He says the most ordered is a 6-inch meatball sauce with cheese on hearty italian bread, toasted with a lot of.

Subway on the other hand had the gimmick of baking buns in the store, had a wider selection of condiments that it didn't charge extra for and had a more varied menu of sandwiches.

Subway has a massive marketing and advertising machine behind it with frequent media buys on the once all important US prime time TV networks. Domino's Pizza and Subway aren't as popular as you might think.

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Despite an increased national push for healthier food options, it would appear fast food is as popular as ever. Subway Bread has More High Fructose Corn Syrup Than Whole Grains We hear all the time that we aren’t supposed to eat fast food because of all the unhealthy ingredients, fat and calories.

So instead, we’re told that Subway is the healthy alternative to burgers, nuggets and fries.

Why subway is not popular in
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Why are Subway restaurants so popular? They are terrible. | NeoGAF